Plugexpert and Hitori Tori

Jonas the Plugexpert, Hitori Tori, and Missingsense!!

live in Amsterdam - September 5th 2013

Hitori Tori’s European tour dates:

I approve of this message, though note: Koornbeurs is in Delft not Ansterdam Jules! That’s about 60 km off :)

ps: missing sense is Renoise user Forlon, Renoise represent! :drummer:

One of you better record this shit!

“ps: missing sense is Renoise user Forlon, Renoise represent!”

Oh had no idea, that’s perfect!

“One of you better record this shit!”


He’s from Canada. It’s cool. We can fit 300+ Netherlands in here. Anything that isn’t 200 KM away is considered the same place. :)

Edit: Fucking smiley slashes

sept 28 ghent …belgium .
Thats my hometown …

sept 28 …ghent …belgium n
Thats my hometown

So where exactly in gent …?
Democrazy I presume ???
Vooruit ?

Aha I see now it’s @ ‘minus one’ near the new palace of justice …not the best part of gent …in fact , it’s the most shittiest part of gent in the most shittiest club …
Breakcore gives me wood used to be in squads …what happened ???


unfortunately no recordings of Hitori’s or my stuff, Missing Sense did record his set: