Plugexpert Breakbeat Rave Jungle Hip Hop Work In Progress Tunage

Yo some tunes in here ranging in style, the first one is a remix, rest is work in progress…0wip%202008.mp3


Woah, odd metered breaks in the intro that have a decent groove, mayhem follows.

I like this track. Nice one!

love it

that’s the second time i’ve downloaded that string hip hop track. love it man.

very good :)

Some lovely ideas in here.
Like the ‘space’ of your sound too.

thnx guys! :slight_smile:

facking excellent, maximum ravage!


As per usual - top quality production from the tip to the top. Some totally filthy breakage going on in the first half & lovin’ it! The second half is surprisingly different (to say the least), but the interludes seem fitting :)


great stuff

would love to hear the finals!!


lovin’ it !
very nice stereo images here. broooooaaaad stage yum! :)

keep going Plugexpert.

bloody awesome plug!