Plugging In Midi Controller Without Restarting Program?

Say I’m working away on a track and I decide I want to plug in my launch pad to use with duplex. When I plug it in, Renoise doesn’t notice. I have to save, exit, and restart the program, correct?

Is there some sort of “re-scan for midi controller” anywhere that I haven’t found?


Yes and no - Duplex supports hot-plugging, but only on Linux and OSX. For some technical reason, not on Windows.

This has bothered me for years as well, shame on Windows! if there is a way of forcing win into redetecting, it would be awesome to have that method implemented in renoise.

Stupid windows…

Perhaps when programming a bridge driver, one could simply reset the bridge and then allow the bridge to pass on new detected devices. (One bridge to lock the current devices, another bridge that is fired every somewhat seconds to poll the system for changes, because Windows is not informing applications that already are using the system midi drivers)
It sounds like a Rube Goldberg construction though.