Plugin Automation + A Request Few Ideas

Hi i was just wondering when using automation on plugins is it possible to see where you currently are in the pattern section? like is there any way to show the highlighted (every 4 bars) bars? if not i think it would be a great idea to be able to show them.

Another idea i have had is because i have started using plugins as effects and i noticed theres no option to set the actual mix/amount of the plugin, not all plugins feature this control and it would be great to have in renoise and even better if we could automate it, for example theres a plugin i used that does really heavy distortion that has no mix control it would be great if i could fade the effect in on a section so the distortion slowly builds up.

Also is there anyway to adjust the pitch up and down of a sample in the main sample editor section, i couldn’t work out how and can only do it in the main pattern editor, it would be great if we could adjust in the sample editor section.

Hope my ideas are ok :yeah:

there is a little vertical line on the automation window which moves on along with the pattern row cursor.
maybe you don’t see it because of some strange skin you use? :huh:

you can use send devices for this

instrument settings => sample properties => finetuning
may help

Well yeah i see it but i i think if it showed the highlighted bars it would make working with automation even simpler.

Thanks, i think this would also be made simpler if the mix was shown as part of the actual plugin, but i will try this out.

Well in some cases this will help i think it would be a good idea to be able to adjust the sample in octaves and finetune within the sample editor.

Anyway thanks for your help.

if by “adjusting in octave” you mean transposition, you can use
instrument settings => sample properties => basenote

if you mean pitchshifting then no, this is not possible.

however, when viewing sample editor, the instrument settings are also visible, so what’s the need of having these features duplicated in sample editor too?

Yeah i mean pitchshifting, yeah it’s not important that one but would be useful from time to time, the main reason i said about that was i have so .mod’s i downloaded and the samples are really fast in the sample editor, i wanted to slow them down and save them as they are rather than rendering them as a pattern or song. Im a newbie still so sorry if im sounding stupid ;)