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Show actual folders of vsts and plugins, or at least allow to pull from sample browser. Also the browser size limitations are… Limited/cumbersome.

Once again, full featured LFO’s… Please

Automation of instruments vst effects& macros in phases would be nice.

I can go on and on, but I forgot… We’re against updates here

Someday I’m going to buy renoise out and make it completely open source. People willing to work for free get more done than this. Nobody here deserves this neglect

(danoise) #2

Automation of instruments vst effects& macros in phases would be nice.

I shared this tip a while back:

It’s a little hackish how you can access macros, but otherwise the approach is legit.

Btw: what is a “full featured LFO” ?

(Psynapsex) #3

Clever trick.

I’m referring to industry standard LFOs. I’m aware of connecting point A to B then select C and select D in the sub menu to modulate X in order restart to key. Unless you want instrument level LFOs to run free, then you’ll have to take a few more steps. This process kills my workflow and creative process.

Having the ability to auto reset at beginning of song or pattern would be a Time saver as well.

I like Bitwigs approach when it comes to modulation and automation. Only thing keeping me around is the sample slicer and granulating in phrase editor

It frustrates me to see so much potential in Renoise when it’s development has been put on the back burner for years. It like finding the perfect looking girl but she eats at your soul whenever you try to do anything productive with her.

(EatMe) #4

On the request line: Stop your self-inflicting negativity and negative pressure…

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Eat me your response is a bit scattered. Do you have a chemical imbalance?