Plugin chooser (right side pane) broken? (3.2)

Seems very small.

Clicking on the open icon doesnt seem to do anything. I have to type the name of the VSTi to find it and load.

Anyone getting this?

Works for me both in the Plugin tab on the left and in the right panel below the instrument list.

Works fine here in the plugin tab but totally broken on the right panel. Works fine in 3.1.1 etc.


It’s the drop-down icon that I am referring to (small down pointing triangle). When I click on that the drop-down opens only like 2 lines or so. I can search textually for a plug and load it from there but the drop down is very small. I cannot see a way to increase it’s size.

Ah, interesting. The drop-down works if I put the Renoise window onto a different monitor screen. I have 4 1080p monitors and the fourth is touch-enabled. The drop down does not work on this one.