Plugin Fabrik C - Tc Electronic

With MacBookPro and Mac OS X 10.6
Sound card TC Electronic Konnekt 24D
Plugin TC Electronic Fabrik C
I use last renoise version

On one track I use 1 sample (.wav files) with the Fabrik C plugin
The problem come when I make a render:
Starts of the sample are some time late
the sound of the sample is slice cut
There is the same problem when I make render selection to sample

Of course when the Fabrik C is in bypass there is no problem

What is the solution?

I have also the same problem when I use Fabrik C with a plugin instrument…
Happy Christmas


Hmm, though I do not know whether Renoise devs can solve the problem since it may be the plugin specific problem… :unsure:
Have you already tried these options?

  • Open Render to Disk panel -> Priority -> Select “Real”

  • Open Plugin Option panel (click “?” icon at upper right on the Renoise’s VST panel) -> check “Use static processing buffers”

Also, can you check whether you can render correctly or not when you use the plugin in another host??