Plugin Grabber- Question


I dont know what is it, but when i “grab” a synth from a plugin, and use the Auto-loop samples, either by the grabber itself or in the sample editor - the crossfade’d part have some kind of a Phaser effect.
It is only the looping part, not the beginning of the sample,- it sounds like it should.
And it doesnt matter if it is a saw, square or sine - lenght etc.

The PadSynth by drakmaniso does a supér job at this - they loop perfectly! There is no problem, or what so ever, with that tool,.
It is only when i do it by myself. / my own samples / grabbed samples.

Is it possible for one of you, to guide me through, and tell me i am doing wrong?

The shorter a sample is, the harder it becomes to loop, depending on the shape. If there are more subwaveforms in the sample, the more artifacts you get when the loop sounds.
I personally don’t know the secret of creating an overall seamless loop but no doubt the LUA API provides the opportunity for anyone to pick up the challenge.

Sort of kind of agree with this, but not exactly. The more harmonic movement within a sample the harder it is to loop. If there is little harmonic movement, shorter samples are easier. If there is a lot, then it is easier to see the patterns in a longer sample.

Ok, i think i understand. And i have changed the ms to 5000 instead of 1 sec. And it worked:)
I am grabbing ftw- and boy! so much less cpu / more space to work on:) Win-win!