Plugin Grabber Renders/Saves 16 Bit Samples Only

when i grab VSTi all samples stored as 16bit. but the built-in audio in my macbookpro is 24 bit.
is it a bug? or i missed something?

I run RNS 2.5b2 on OSX 10.5.8

my internal soundcard works in 24 bit mode.
but when i run renoise it switches to 16 bit mode.

Renoise uses the bit processing for all rendering operations that you have set the render option to. And for the plugin-renderer dito.
Did you set the renderer to output samples to 16-bit format once? What does it say when you click the “render” button in the diskbrowser?

No, thats not correct. The grabber always creates/saved 16 bit samples right now. Would indeed be great if one could configure this…

I consider that pretty odd for the fact that Renoise processes everything in 32 bit…

So…i see taktik you edited your message…

So, is it gonna be fixed soon?

Yes, we will try to add such an option during the alpha…