Plugin Interface /macro Language

  1. Approach

Maybe it should be possible to integrate some interface technology compared to plugins of adobe photoshop for example. Everyone could programme his own interface added to the filters or tools. Why not use this concept for renoise?

  1. Approach

Maybe also possible would be something like a script editor? Using something like a VB-dialect?

So we could even add what would not be possible.

or even easier could be an interface to something like a batch programming editor? for some users using many files they could programme some tools copying there files for certain reasons and etc.

Would that be a great idea?

guess so.

Maybe it had already been discussed. but was not able to find it in the forum.


Guess this rocks?! :guitar: :drummer:

that is a well thought out idea.
i somewhat mentioned something of this nature in a thread somewhere, dont remember.
i would love to see this idea to be used in a tracker maybe even a tracker similar to renoise, i would suggest contacting some of the other developers that build trackers, possibly Arguru, or someone of this nature.
no disrespect to the renoise devs, just a suggestion.

yes. it is a great idea

i found my post it was in the brainstroming thread -man is that thread long-

hehe now that i look at it this doesnt look like the post i was thinking of but it is somewhat close to your idea, hehe )maybe the same continent) shit i might not have even wrote it anywhere, im almost positive i did tho just cant remember, but back to the ideain renosie the spot where the tabs are and to the left of it (pattern,instrument,editor)would be a perfect place to put these addins

Sounds a bit like the AREXX and OctaMED commands I used to use. I’d certainly find it useful!


One could also use scripting to make macro’s of most use shortcut combinations.
In that case it doesn’t take too much resources unless you make it require to render to sample or to disk every time the event is being played.