Plugin Name Changing Or Some Kind Link Settings?


I have one interesting question.

What can i do with this problem. After upgrading to latest Waves 8 VST bundle, some Waves plugin names has changed -
In Waves Mercury Complete Bundle there was “L1-Ultramaximizer+” plugin, now Waves 8 changed it name to “L+ Ultramaximizer Stereo”,
and “TrueVerb” changed to “TrueVerb Stereo”, for example.

Is there any possibilities to just replace the plugins link in Track DSPs, or some kind migrate settings, because its the same plugins, but the different names.
Please do not offer to renaming the plugin names its not working in case of Waves internal name dependencies.


Thanks, but how to download the script? i dont see any links, only a text

Thank! Got it up and running! Best wishes!!!

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