Plugin Not Found (Vst Is Present And Seen By Renoise)

Renoise is telling me that CamelPhat3 plug in (VST) couldn’t be found while loading a song. CamelPhat is present in the appropriate folder and named “CamelPhat.vst.” Renoise recognizes it on plugin scan. I thought maybe the plugin’s filename was changed between the last time the song was saved or something, but changing the filename to “CamelPhat3.vst” didn’t help (it changed the name shown in Renoise, but the song load still reported it as a missing VST). Maybe the internal VST ID changed? If so, what do i do to solve this?

The song file was last saved on the Windows version of Renoise (the file there is called “CamelPhat3.dll”). Is there a problem having VST references in songs between platforms?

This is on Mac OS X 10.6.8 with Renoise 2.7.2. CamelPhat is version 3.44.

It should not differ regarding the name, but it may differ regarding the version or plugin-ID indeed.
You can try to find out what the plugin ID is of the Mac variant and change it in the song.xml inside your .xrns archive (rename it to zip and extract it)

That was the solution (editing the 3 out of the VST ID reference in the xml), thanks!