Plugin Not Working

hi folks. iGoA from created a VSTi PlugIn for Windows wich can be downloaded here:
the problem is, it doesn’t work on my laptop with Renoise 1.9 :(
I’m wondering because it works without any poblems in Modplug or other programs like the producers on mentioned.
the PlugIn even works in Renoise 1.9 on my pc at home, so I’m very confused and got no idea how to manage that problem…
can someone please download and test the PlugIn (it’s free!), maybe someone got the same problem nd together, we can fix it ;)
greetz Jealousy

works on my desktop

What exactly does not work? Does it show up in the VST instrument list but doesn’t produce any sound?

it doesn’t show up as an instrument but as a vst. so when applying it as a vst into a track it just mutes the track…