Plugin Organisation Improvements

Hi folks,

As far as I can tell, in order to better organise your Plugins inside of Renoise you first need to right click on a plugin and then specify a group / name.
This has to be done for each plugin you wish to organise, one by one.

Does anyone know of a better way of doing this? Maybe Renoise needs a more comprehensive plugin management tool (more like Reaper)?


I think it is possible to use a modifier key like holding ctrl while clicking to select multiple vst’s now, maybe using this technique you can chuck them in a group more easy?

How is it done in Reaper?

I wasn’t aware of groups and tried them right now. To make a sensible list, it seems you first have to add a dsp to favourites and from there add it to a group? It seems tedious and unintuitive, but I think this is in its early stage.

It would be nice if draggins was possible. And that groups could be added and organized when right-clicking “favorites”. Now you have to start from a dsp to create a group.

Implement folder structure and most problems gone.

You can indeed use the CTRL click convention to select multiple plugs but when you then RClick the option to rename/move is missing, so unfortunately that will not work.

In Reaper you can just drag and drop plugs into any user created group. The plugin is still accessible from it’s original location, an alias is simply created in the location you drag it to. That way you can have the same plug appearing in many different groups (would be handy for example if you had a nice EQ that also featured a compressor circuit that you like too … you can drop this plug into both your EQ and Dynamics groups).

Actually, at the bottom of the expanded plugin browser window there are some icons - one of these allows you to send multiple selected plugs to a group :)

  • Drag’n’drop functionality here please
  • Ungroup a single element of a group please, not just the whole group

Thanks :w00t:

Added in 2.8b5 :)

So I first searched for ‘rev’ in my vst list, ctrl click-selected all reverb plugins and added them to a new ‘REVERB’ group, after a short wait…instead of finding the collection in one group, all groups the selected plugins resided in, have a sub-group called ‘REVERB’.

What am I doing wrong, or is this a bug?


I expected the newly created ‘REVERB’ group to be on the same top level as ‘Favorites’, alphabetically placed between ‘Native’ & ‘VST’, not divided over sub-sub-folders inside ‘VST’.

More of a quirk, really. It’s just difficult to know what the correct behaviour should be when you try to group plugins that are already contained within other existing groups. The plugins could be nested at multiple different levels, or already nicely organised into custom groups, etc. Where should the newly created group be placed? Should it simply be placed at the top/root level above all others? Should it be placed at the highest common level that was found between all of the selected existing groups? Should we try to respect the existing group structure somehow, or simply trash it? Etc.

For me:

I see it isn’t possible right now to create a group at the very top level, right mouse clicking ‘VST’ also doesn’t give you an option to create new group or folder at that level(?), if this would be possible…you could first create a group…then move all selected plugs to it afterwards.

Oh nice! ^_^ That’s very handy. But I only can select one element and ungroup it, what about selecting multiple elements and ungrouping it? :dribble:

Everything is fine here i think, you can select multiple plugs, like row - with shift click or just any order you want - by ctrl click, in this way you can either group, or ungroup them (after that you can select them in core structure and add to desire group)

I’ve got an idea,

if you create a group let’s say “Compressors”
then if you right click a plugin there would be an option “add to compressors”
you could make several groups like this and then just by right clicking you would
send it to the apropriate group

Don’t think it will work man, coz custom groups are kinda equal to vendor names…So it will be endless list for ‘add to [group name]’

For what it’s worth, I like the way it is now. Favourite the desired VST (3rd party), then go up the top and attribute it into the requisite group for ease of access. Two step management seems reasonable, and it currently has the flexibility to do other groupings down the list for more complicated conditional grouping. Am I missing something?