plugin programs / banks - how do they show up?

The plugin I use - Zebra – doesn’t list any programs in the plugin properties panel. Is there any way to set it up so that it does list programs, and make it easy to change them? If not, what would I need to tell the developer when asking them to include this sort of support?

Pretty much all u-he plugins (that I know of) handle their programs internally, and do not expose anything to the host. You must therefore choose programs via Zebra’s own GUI, and cannot do it via Renoise (nor any other host).

You could save vsti states as .xrni files if you really want to quickly access different presents directly from Renoise, although I guess it wouldn’t be a present technically, but seems to work the same.

Hrm well I noticed that I can save presets in audio unit format, and zebra can load those… so for example if I save a preset using the renoise “save preset” icon in plugin properties, it saves a new .aupreset file which I can then load using renoise “load preset” or directly from zebra (it shows up as “preset name” (AU) within zebra).

It seems like there’s at least some programmatic control of preset loading from renoise…even if zebra doesn’t list programs itself in that dropdown, I’m wondering if there’s some way I could write a preset switcher that I can bind to keys in renoise.

Here’s a simple tool idea: given a folder full of *.aupreset files, build a list of the filenames and allow me to choose one from the list which loads it into Zebra. Basically just what the “load preset” button does but from a tool instead. Is that functionality possible from a tool? I thought I had seen something promising in the lua documentation previously but I can’t find it anymore.