Plugin Recording

Yesterday I decided to try out the plugin recorder in a song, I was very impressed with the newer features in it too.Something I don’t quite understand happened however.

The track I was using the instrument plugin with has a few lfo’s controlling the automation device which was routed to the plugin. When I rendered it, I’m assuming the those lfos were still running the plugin.

Is this right? Should this happen?

Because the output I got, was truly remarkable for what I was trying to do.
I’m totally happy with it, but I’m curious is there is a way to control this a little better maybe.

I think, if you wanted the LFOs to still effect it, you would have to use Render Selection To Sample. Plugin Rendering I think renders the output of that plugin, although I can see why including LFO would make sense, as it’s always running, unlike Automation which depends where you are in the pattern, I think only that which is internal to the plugin itself is taken into account. I could be wrong though…

Automation meta-device, linked with the plugin controlling a few parameters of the plugin itself, during the rendering. Have you tried that before?
The output is rather interesting, I’m just curious if there is a way of controlling it.
However I’ve been wrong about a lot of things so I thought I would ask, and if anyone who hasn’t tried this would get an interesting new thing to try out. :)

Turns out the plugin rendering indeed locks the plugins current settings at the moment in time the rendering occurs. So that’s not too bad, much different than what I thought was happening, but still good.