plugin tab - what's the plan for this area?

What’s the plan for this area? It seems slightly wasteful haha.

Could it be possible to put the VSTi parameters in there as sliders?

I mean there must be some use for all that space!

I’m not expecting anything for 3.0, I’m just curious where this might be going!

When you gaze long into the plugin tab, the plugin tab also gazes into you.

Something like aut. device (seeing all parameters and be possible to automatize them) is great idea.

In here you will get several new building tools which you can access if you purchase credits. You can also earn credits by making cool songs, instruments and dsp chains, but this process always will be slower than just directly swipe out your credit card.
You need to gain XP to extent the building area and to gain this XP you are required to accomplish these missions for creation of instruments, DSP chains and songs.
The higher the level, the more XP you need to raise the level thus also the area to be able to add building tools and the unlocking of new building tools.

R3 for android and ios confirmed then?