Plugin windows auto hiding on mac

Some plugins (e.g. samplers) permit you to drag and drop samples into them (e.g. Kontakt). However, on the Mac, plugin windows disappear when you Cmd-Tab to the finder. Does anybody know how to stop this auto-hiding happening?

Im having this exact problem and it sucks!! I need to drag audio and pictures to Serum from the finder and the GUI auto hides :frowning: Is there any solution for this other than using a different DAW?

Here is a way:

  • Don’t use the plugin bridge / sandboxing

  • Drag your file first on the Renoise symbol in the dock (assuming the plugin window was opened in Renoise)

  • Don’t leave mouse button yet

  • Drag further to the appearing Renoise window

  • Now Drag further to the plugin window. The file should be recognized by the plugin now

Does it help?

That worked great! In the process of experimenting your advice, I found out that if I’m in Renoise and drag the file from desktop without selecting finder, works too and with less steps. The idea is click on the file without leave the mouse button, and drag it without ever leaving renoise.

A third way I found with Serum was to load the audio file right from its menu.

Thank you!