Plugins For Ubuntu/Linux.

Anyone got any advice when looking for plugins that work under linux? Any recommended websites?
Both VST and LADSPA.
One more thing. When configuring a folder for my plugins, do they go in the Home Folder or File System?

the Audacity site has a pretty big LADSPA download pack.

Here is some nice ones.

Vst-plugins goes to .vst folder in your home foder.

Try this URL:

It mentions a few pay for linux native VST plugins sites which are worth looking at - , and

I have bought some software synths from and . They are worth a look at. In the future I will buy some of the effects from (when I have some money).

I’d recommend the TAL plugins (see the KXStudio link posted earlier) and also the Calf plugins

You should be able to search the Software Package thingy for dssi, calf and ladspa. I tried it on my missus’ netbook a while back and it had a ton of stuff on there.

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