Plugins searchable by comments/buzzwords

Hi Renoise Team !

First: Thanks for this excellent software.

I just was missing a feature in right this very moment:

It would be really helpful to me if I could select the “right” plugins
for my current project by comments/buzzwords I made before.

The situation:

Tonight I again downloaded a bunch of plugins and luckily realised,
they’re really great for different “purposes” or kinds of music. I tried
out a lot of sounds, had also a lot of inspirations but I’m sure, I already
forgot 90% of them.


  • Downloaded STS-33 VST (some time ago)
  • Tried sounds
  • I would annotate that plugin with “space”,“space ambience”,science fiction",
    “mother ship” or something like that.
  • Next time I am in a “mother ship mood” :wink: , I’d search for this (comma separated
    list even ?) and all plugins are listed, I sticked my buzzwords to.

I already found a scripted tool for annotating instruments, but it doesn’t seem to
work for plugins and it’s not searchable either.

“Add to group” is also not exactly the thing I need.

Just my 2 cents.

Thx & regards,