Poliphony Step Recording (Without Shift Key)

I suggest to create an option (to be checked or unchecked)
that allows the creation of additional note lanes when recording
because as far as I’m concern, to do that we have to press shift
while recording.

to sum up:

A check option to enable record multiple notes at the time (ex: chords)

Like Chord Mode?



Or you mean something different?

I think krimen may be referring to wanting to be able to record chords

  • on a computer keyboard
  • while not in playback mode (i.e. not live recording)
  • without having to press shift
    which would be something Renoise does not have (as far as I know).

If he’s talking about live recording chords with a computer keyboard though, it’s as simple as the Chord Mode that kazakore mentioned.

If he would have had a Midi device, that would have been no problem.
It is indeed the computer keyboard where pressing a chord doesn’t work.

I was suggesting this few times already

I think it could work 2 ways - one , in track with for example 3 rows

you would have to enter 3 notes before it would do the step

C-4 E-4 G-4

  • now it could either work automatically , or it would skip to the first note forever (until you press enter button or something to trigger the step)

entering 3 notes and skip is a bit simpler but not always you want 3 notes for the next chord, in this case " enter to skip " would be wiser

there is one more mode that i miss from the old days,

where the cursor would skip to next row after entering the note ( you could do this in fast tracker if you had “rec” on more channels )

Thus creating stuff like this -

C-4 — ---
— E-4 —
— --- G-4
A-4 — ---


this would really help with vstis where you need the notes sustained but you cannot set ADSR properly (mainly some guitar/piano vstis)