[poll] Just out of curiosity..Renoise 2.8 or renoise 3.0

topic title says all :slight_smile:

Cant life without phrases and the new instrument features, so renoise 3 is a must for me!

I update my scripts to be a good citizen but I’m waiting for 3.1. Haven’t tracked since 2.8.

are we still talking about this

why are we still talking about this

are we still talking about this

why are we still talking about this

Honest discussion or thought terminating cliché?


“The series continued for seven years after Fonzie’s shark-jumping stunt, with a number of changes in cast and situations. The phrase implies a belief that the show began a creative decline in this era, as writers ran out of ideas, andHappy Daysbecame a caricature of itself.”

We are the 9.68%

I hope I’m wrong! Nostalgia and ambivalence aren’t a software development process.

Haven’t tracked since 2.8.

couldn’t you simply keep on tracking with 2.8?

RENOISE 3.0 is my DAW of choice.

I have to admit I found Renoise 3 slightly daunting. I had not used Renoise very much since the release of 2.8 and was put off by the idea that I’d have to relearn one of the only programs I knew well.

Eventually I bought it anyway, and although I experienced a few annoying moments where I couldn’t figure things out in the beginning, I am honestly very happy with R3 and my enthusiasm for it has allowed for a far greater motivation to explore its functions than with any of the previous versions. It is by far superior and I love it… :slight_smile:

Honestly it took me a while to switch from 2.8 to 3.0 but now that I’ve gotten used to it there’s no way I’d go back.

3.0 is really rad, honestly.

Using 3.0, but I only embarked on the Renoise journey when 3.0 was already in testing, so I only briefly looked at 2.8 and then figured I’d use the alphas/betas so I’d not have to unlearn anything. Made it a bit harder initially (all docs and videos were solely for 2.x), but I’m now glad I did it this way.

Getting used to R3’s rearranged UI was a bit tricky, but now that I have I’ll never go back.