Poll: What Is Your Renoise Focus?

I know it needs at least an “other” option… but then everybody would just chose that and explain it in words, making the poll useless.

Decide, pick the one that comes closest.

I used to make songs for livesets, but I was limiting my output, too busy
obeying my own set of rules. So now I focus on making music for the
music and render that for whatever purpose it may serve. Personal
satisfaction, that is.

I’m using renoise as a “groovebox on pills” in a band. Mostly, I have several patterns for each song, use keyboard shortcuts to mute/unmute tracks and switch patterns, and use external MIDI control to tweak effects in realtime.

Most of my music is recorded live using Renoise as a MIDI sequencer, I also have my Sonoloop project which consists of 32 line loops which I only play in a live setting.
So I guess that answer 3 comes close to my Renoise focus.

All three.

I was doing live stuff in ReNoise until I bought an Electribe. Much more tailored (and easy) to do live stuff in. Now, I do mainly sample-heavy hip hop type stuff in ReNoise, with a side of DnB. (The electribe…everytime I turn it on, I can never tell WHAT will come out…it’s that fun)

I’d say that my focus is on 1 & 2. Composing and rendering when I make my own tracks, and doing live stuff when I play with friends. And interestingly enough, since being able to do live stuff really has become a priority in this community, I think we’ll see even more people using Renoise this way in the future :)

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Thought this thread was about soft or hard focus. v :) v


Depending on how Renoise is perceived and projected, its definitely capable of non-live to live setups.