[Poll] Which Pattern Wrap Mode Do You Usually Have Set??

I tend to wish there was no wrap option for editing the pattern but am curious how others use these options or find the current options helpful to their workflow?

I really wouldn’t mind having ImpulseTracker functionality in Renoise. (there’s no pattern wrap, when you’re on the last row, you’re on the last row.)

aka Triton FastTracker functionality, or Jeskola Buzz functionality, or Amiga ProTracker functionality, OctaMED, ScreamTracker, etc etc

I’d like to limit my wars to FT2 (aka renoise) vs IT2. Let’s keep things simple.

wars?? what wars??

I mean to say that renoise is the oddman out in that I can’t think of a single tracker that DOES wrap pattern… so it’s not really “ImpulseTracker Functionality” it’s any-tracker-besides-renoise functionality :)

There’s a goddamn war going on. Let me try and sum it up.
It’s the war between 1 hand on keyboard 1 hand on mouse VS 2 hands on keyboard.

This poll lacks the option “I tend to wish there was a wrap mode that allowed me to drag notes from one pattern to another”.

I use two mice with which I write on a virtual keyboard

Wrap around pattern and I’d greatly miss it if it was gone.

Used to use continuous pattern on occasion, but mainly trying to find data in a track and since the Matrix that isn’t needed. (Pattern to big to fit on screen in entirety, know you have something on it somewhere, scroll through song until you find it. Mainly when revisiting old tracks.) Never use it now though.

Don’t read too much into the poll… It is not a lobbying effort to remove anything that’s already there, nor is this thread intended to be a preference “war”, it’s just a poll :)

Well, I am a 2 hands on the kb kind of guy but that preference has nothing to do with this poll.
Besides I personally have no interest in finding out what they’re doing with their other hand while tracking.

+1 for every option optionally.

My initial minor gripe with the idea of the extra mode is not being hugely keen on three state buttons. As an optional mode it definitely makes sense and this shows others would like it too. Also shows very few people seem to change which they are using very often.

Maybe a toggle in Preferences like it we different Play/Stop modes? Or maybe I should just agree that triple state buttons aren’t really that bad. After all we do have a four state indicator/button for showing if there is parameter automation on DSPs. (Although None is still very clear from Present and then only need to look clearly to see which type it is.)

Makes sense, that was in part why I wanted to get a feel for how people use the current modes.

Not a big showing for those who change this around much. Still - if there were an option to shut loop in edit mode off altogether I could actually then see a lot more people being more likely to toggle this setting than do currently…

How about a 3 state toggle button that when you click and hold all three states are selectable via dropdown? You still could also click the icon to cycle through the three modes.

It would also be great if edit position wouldn’t be centered but free (like text editing cursor / IT style). Similar to proposed “wrap mode off” it would keep overview from changing constantly and shorter patterns would fit the screen without any scrolling.

If my creditcard wasn’t overcharged, I’d re-register Renoise (again) just to celebrate the future existence of a toggle-button for “center / don’t center edit position”. It’s so swell to have the lowest row at the lowest part of the pattern, less stuff moving around distracting you…

what are you +1ing? if its the stop, don’t wrap option be sure to put your comments in the related thread on the suggestions forum… I agree with your further comments. Good call.

Absolutely +onehundredthousand, but got no credit card.

It was exactly that stop-thing I was plussing but in the wrong thread. I made a suggestion about edithead position but that I made to the wrong forum (beta). Double mistake day.