Poly800 & Renoise

I’m surprised noone has already linked to this CDM article on the forum:

What You Don’t Need to Make Music: With A Poly 800 and Renoise, Dkon Talks Music Making, New Label

There are some good points discussed - especially regarding gear lust and having fun.

interesting article, Renoise is gettin more and more attention on CDM

How many registered Renoise users we have now?

Less is more approach is interesting but when i listen to some music all i hear is just… music

Did he get a laptop capable of running Renoise for $10 or purposely just ignoring that figure (and bad at sums)?

I would love to know where one can pick up a MacBook Pro for $10!

yeah it’s a good article indeed. i read it on my smartphone so no real easy forum-access there, and forgot to post when i got home. good to see Renoise repeatedly featured on CDM.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we get our own subdomain there one day…