polyphony cycle/random mode improvement

When you have cycle/random mode on there is a problem while playing more than one note at the time.
Let’s say you have an instrument with 12 samples in cycle mode, with individual mod sets and fx chains. You have a 3 note chord on the first line followed by a sequence in only one of the columns. Now you should hear the sequence of notes accompagnied by the 2 notes from the first line. Here’s were the problem lies though, because the cycle mode does not take into account if the sample is already playing or not, and the result is that it will interrupt those 2 notes.

So my suggestion is, instead of just choosing the next sample in cycle, to make the cycle/random mode choose a sample that is not already in use if there are any. If, like with this instrument, all 12 samples are active at the same time, then it would preferably interrupt the first activated sample that is playing in the same column (less ideal, but maYbe easier to handle, would be to make it choose the sample that has been active the longest).

This was suggested in the first day of the beta. Sadly, no one was interested, the sampler being a just sampler or something of the sort. :lol: