Polyphony For Meta Effects

I realy like using velocity and key tracking alot while playing or recording from my midi keyboard, and some times i use some efects as a velocity, but they work in monophonic way, wel it’s not bad, especialy for basslines but when it comes to some pads or ployphonic melodies with note tails overlaping each other the you can hear, that effect is changing value to all the sound on each new pressed note, so the point would be: why not to implement into the effects a polyhony mode witch could be enabled when you needed it so that after each new note the previous value for the note remained the same and for the new note it would be new value while not changing previous note, something like filters on real synths or some oher software samplers…

I hope i explained it clearly… :)

p.s. i know that this is changing the whole architecture of the effects and would work easier inside the instrument editor…

ha, i was thinking about making a similar request just a week ago. (: was trying to make softer notes on a snare to sound muffled to get a bit of ghostnotes happening for simple samples but it overlapped so the brightness of the snare would changed midnote if i played fast.

but when i thought about a request like yours i couldn’t figure out how it should work what with displaying fx values and such.

the closest i got to get something like this happening was an idea to build a script which distributes the notes over a couple of tracks… not pretty. :confused: i don’t think i need this feature anyhow but i bet people with more fx chain skillz would like it.

i think this issue is just for us both only :)