Pop music.

Ive been using renoise for a while now. Not really got any mates that are able to give me the kind of feedback i need. Looking for an honest appraisal from other producers. I wont colour the 2 tracks with a description of style etc. Any thoughts would be a great help. Cheers.


Iv uploaded a couple more new tracks. Would be great to get some feedback positive or negative. Im in the position where im trying new ideas and new sounds in odd spaces. But i dont really have a reference point or any outside criticism. Ending up with complexes here haha. Any input is welcome.

very interesting stuff… I’m digging the psy, minimal, and pop fusion… I see you have brought several different ingredients from various styles and blended them together, for that unique fusion I give an A+

On mixing, I think it could use a bit more practice… The first track sounded bass heavy, the second was borderline bass heavy, the last two tracks might be a little bass light…

I think the drums could be a little more forward. There’s eq and panning issues, some frequencies here are falling on each other…

bass is going into the mid, and cymbals are coming down into your lows… fixing just those two things, and bring your drums up, via a proper nyc style comp job, could really energize these tracks…

They would have all your psychedelic composition, which really shines, but they would also begin to move along like a train…

Even tracks in a chillout room, can be a locomotive that really comes at you… Its about summoning up that energy.

Keep at it, you’ll get it


Thanks for taking time to listen through ‘2 daze J’. Its refreshing to get an objective pair of eyes on things. My mixing and mastering skills are definitely lacking. Like you said the ideas are there. Mixing is something ill keep at. Glad you picked up on the genre references too. Trying to find an interesting retro-futuristic type blend. Any tips on how to get NY comp in Renoise. Im just using the signal follower/gainer method in a quite rudimentary fashion. Im using a mac incase it involves any 3rd party plug ins. Cheers man.

Hi FoplyMonoFranz,

This is a super simple, par comp style example… I didn’t want to confuse, so there is a drums groups, a drums send… no eq, and no verb, or other dressings… there is a bass, its got eq and comp… These are, “factory samples,” they are in one of your Renoise install folders… under instruments, or samples… something…


what you are looking at is the drums group signal is sent to the s01 before the comp… so you can see the two comps are working in parallel…


edit = nyc comp and par comp are synonyms… I know, I made this more confusing than it needed to be, but its been a long week, sorry about that…


Intresting sound Franz, some of those songs really appeal greatly. Couldn’t help to detect some early 80’s ultravox-like influences, but perhaps i’m just an old potatoebag getting personal flashbacks.

Haha unfortunately i cant comment on your startch content vV ;) . You’re right though. Im drawing heavily from the 80s Prince, Haruomi Haruno, cheesier stuff like Telex and Midnight star up to early 90s stuff like Drexciya and a dash of Radiophonics lol. I dont think the sound of the 80s and hardware in general was explored enough. Technology often moves faster than we can assimilate it properly so i guess when digital came a long it was an obvious transition cost wise etc, which meant that instead of the hardware getting cheaper over time like say a mobile phone would it was completely replaced by a computers representation of sound. Im not having a digital/analogue debate both have great selling points for me. I just think Digital recording has given us a more stable platform to go back and capture the rich personality of analogue. Think thats why most software immitates the old hardware now. Im getting an analogue synth soon so iv been thinking about it a lot haha sorry. Any more mastering tips would be great. Cheers

Thanks ‘2 daze j’ ill give it a whirl asap. Youve been a great help. Any thing else you think might help give me a shout.

No worries… The only thing I can say is, “just keep plugging along at it,” cause the whole thing is a learning experience for all of us, and you will notice that the more you read the forums, and the more you practice Renoise, the more secrets get revealed to you… The big thing is, “not to rush yourself,” because you never know when the next big innovation in your sound is getting here… It could be today, or tomorrow, or appear out of nowhere 6 months from now…

I once said that, “every 90 days of music production,” we can see a new level we reach… Sometimes the flight between levels is big, and sometimes its small… but I still think, “every 3 months,” our minds and our creativity is totally advanced…


Yeah, like mentioned above, different styles fused together…! i like the acid and synth elements. And good beats too.

This kid (on the left) really looks like my nephew.
(though that tune kind of ends abruptly, could have more stuff afterwards)

  • WeiIRdniGht2.1
    nice acid part

  • Prture nop1.9
    creapy tune

  • Giveitanameandyouvegot adirtyface2.0
    nice basline


  • i like the acid baseline

Cheers ‘Delt’ yeah they defo are all still in early stages. Built up a load of bad habits and im a lazy guy at best so i always move too the next tune too early. Trying to be more disciplined ATM. My tutor will be sitting down with me doing some one on one mastering sessions with these bits of music. Hopefully be able to report back some more developed and focused music over the next couple of weeks. Really appreciate the feedback. Although its a bit premature for me to showcase these tunes. Its good to know that elements are interesting people at least. Cheers for your comments ‘Alien 7’ looks like your an avid fan of the old acid baseline :). Nice one.

  • WeiIRdniGht2.1, Love it. Sounds like my Miss Kittin and The Hacker on an adventurous trip. Nooooot bad at all. Like it a looooot! Would recommend a bit of vocal somehow, to give the tune some direction emotionally. Soundscape wise it’s in the bag. You master diversity, variety and … just everything very well.

  • Prture nop1.9. Love it too… nice and calm beginning. Inner architecture with a serious hang over or something. Like WeilRdniGht2.1, great use of sounds, variety e.c.t.

  • Giveitanameandyouvegot adirtyface2.0 is too weird for me, sorry, I need more coherence. - nice try, though :)

  • Snorcklerevised3.9, love it. Especially when theme started at abt. 1:50, looove it. Simple, weird, yours, gift to me. Keep it up!!!

I would very much like to have this music in my iTunes library if possible?

Cheers fella. Glad you enjoyed them. Working on some new stuff atm bit more of an 80s disco lean. Also Im currently working on the mastering for the 4 tunes you were good enough to take time and listen to. should be done over the next week. Could do you a zip on the more polished pieces when they are completed if you would like? Thanks.