Popping? Glitching Soundcard?

So I recently had big issues with a new USB soundcard I bought for my laptop I wanted to use for ‘road use’

Here are 2 very interesting things I found which completely fixed my problem:

  1. PCI Latency.
    This is basically an area of our machines most of us dont give much thought to but everything which connects to the motherboard has to pass through this interface. It has software controlled settings as to what gets a closer audience with your CPU. There is software you can download which will let you tinker with it.
  1. Network Connections hogging resource.
    This made the biggest difference for me. Simply disabling my network connections meant I could get WAY better latency with no audio drop out at ALL, even with pretty heavy work-outs on the VSTs.
  • Method: (Start -> Settings -> Network Connections -> Right-Click all network connections and choose Disable)

Hope this helps someone out.