Hi all,
if some of you are into funky/disco house, check this new tune, released on Elin Sofye’s new single today:


Way more poppy than the usual stuff I do, but fun working on :)

Made in renoise, mixed and mastered by me.

Also available on Spotify, iTunes, etc etc
and of course… everything’s gotta have a facebook page these days I assume:
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Denim-Vega/373582906008479 <-- nice denim display B)

thanks for supporting!

or not your cup of tea, perhaps? :)

btw, here’s the original version of the song if someone is curious:

What about a Boogie Woogie edition? Seems a side-alley away from the current remix style.

the ol’ boogie woogie? hm, yeah maybe next time ^_^