Pops, Running Renoise as MIDI Clock Slave

I hope this isn’t a known performance issue while testing which I’ve missed but I find on asio or direct in 2.5 using vsti’s I get lots of popping and clicking which makes it unusable. I’m back on 2.1 (where I get flawless performance with no popping etc) … and miss all the great new beta features for now :-Z

Actually testing it right now it’s more like a dodgy wavering gating noise whenever the vsti is going, which makes me think the system can’t cope with the vsti, but they work fine on 2.1


probably you need to share more info, like OS and preferences settings / which vst(i)'s are causing problems.

check the latency


I’m pleased to say its not the sound drivers. I’ve just found out that it happens when I try set renoise as midi clock slave to my korg kontrol midi controller. It seems it is inaccurate and the bpm changing slightly? maybe causes the gating weird noises. So as it is I can’t set the midi clock slave to my Kontrol.


Yes, unfortunately thats how MIDI clock works in Renoise. MIDI clock does not transmit tempo information directly, but only a “heart beat”. With MIDI timing not being very precise in general, this easily results into small constant tempo fluctuations.

I can live with it now that I know why it was happening thanks.

Congrats on an amazing bit of software. The new beta features are fantastic.

:D [fag] :lol: :lol: :lol: ;)