Portal 2

anyone know anything about when?

I found this while looking for information about it:


type: login

user: cjohnson
pass: tier3

at the prompt type help.

I did a dir and then notes
gives some backstory.

anyway, anyone know anything?

How did you find the log-in details? Seemed to claim it wanted you to type “Happy Christmas” in but that did nothing.

Is there one colour in both of those lists?

Think the Mathematician not from right city is Dionysodorus, at least that’s what I’ve come up with some quick Wiki work…

Although I’m not convinces you can complete the form as it asks for the UIN(+L) at the end and this changes while you are trying to write it down so don’t think it’s possible…

What portal 2? Valve’s Game? I know but never got an idea for its second one.

which lists are you speaking of?

I had just googled portal 2

all the info came up about the aperaturescience site with little things you can do inside it (more than what I wrote about, but not much) but, I could only find that a woman said they were making portal 2 & someone else said they were having a casting call for voices. this was all last year.

I dunno I played it through on saturday, and I got to thinking about it. was thinking how interesting it could be to go through one portal and come out two, or a giant puzzle, with a sniper scope for sending a portal to it’s respective location.

and android hell, if it is a real place… where is android hell exactly. :D

some of the funnest parts were figuring out different ways of messing with the androids. -if they could only shoot each other, Chell could run around shooting them all, by sneaking up behind one using a portal and picking it up.