Portishead: Third

Has anyone sat & listened to this album yet?

Most of the tracks are already available to listen on last FM. I think it’s an astonishing album, very refreshing.

BIG Portishead fan here!
almost positive i dreamt about this album last night.
haven’t physically listened to it yet.

-going to the store to buy a physical copy

I’ve been to their live concert in munich and it was astonishing. They once again reinvented music. No “Dummy 2”, it’s new and awesome. I Love it.

saw a box set of vinyls at amazon, i’m very tempted.

Very exciting news! I love portishead. Thanks for sharing this great news.

BTW - anyone else here aside from me submit a remix for MSI’s “On-It” remix contest?

those on amazon say Limited also, apparently it comes with 2 disc vinyl, lithographs by Barrow and a P shaped usb stick. (curious what’s on the stick.)

they had these at boomkat, looks like they have all gone though:


this is not as good a deal as the various productions extravaganza though, which includes a bag and t-shirt with the usb dongle and record.


however ever since the napster case it has been glaringly obvious that to sell records bands need to include a free lunch box and visor with their music, in order to make it marketable.

as always ceephax is ahead of the game, offering a chelmsford mushroom and coriander curry recipe with his new 12", proving once again that the way to music fans’ wallets is through their stomachs:


i saw portishead perform material off this album live, it was quite good. really if they are that strapped for cash they should consider playing more shows or releasing more than one album over the next decade :P

I agree with the more live shows thing, but Beth has always seemed very uncomfortable on stage, often with her back to the audience. Obviously if you’re there for the music it shouldn’t matter, but I genuinely think that could be the main reason.