Position Editor Suggestion..

My apologies if this was already mentioned but I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it anywhere.

One thing when I’m working with larger renoise files with like, 100 or so patterns, it becomes a real pain having to click the numbers in the position editor. Click right digit click clik clik oops mouse slipped over left digit unclik then back to right digit clik clik. :blink: (especially when using hex!)

Maybe… being able to just type in the pattern number somehow… perhaps a ctrl-click allows you to type it in, (or an option to choose between either method of input). I guess I’m used to working this way from other trackers, for example, in modplug, when playing live, its possible to quickly enter a number in the position window off the keyboard. Anyway. That would save soooo much time when arranging patterns. And make it much easier to quickly change the pattern order if I was mixing in live playback.

Its not terribly important, as far as I’m concerned I’ve already gotten my money’s worth out of renoise a long time ago :P but it would just make things faster.

Try using Ctrl+up/down arrows to scroll in the patterns list and Ctrl+left/right to change pattern nr. At least that’s way faster than clicking with your mouse…

also CTRL+PgUp/PgDn moves 8 steps up/down in the pattern list.