Position Of Faders In The Signal Chain

How about the idea everything to the right of the send should be greyed out and rendered untoggable when “Mute source” is selected?

How to make it easier for a new users though. Anyone coming from any other hardware or software would assume from looking looking at the Renoise mixer that they would be familiar with it’s operation. But to fade a track with effects and sends would need this config “FX > Gainer > Send” rather than use the faders is not obvious.

that’s a good idea but… how about ability to drag send device far to the right, beyound the volume slider?

Is it the pre or post that is automatable? That as far as I can tell is what makes the pre useful. You can always save a template song with the prefader minimised if it’s in your way.

This I suppose is a symptom of renoise being more modular/having more flexible routing capabilities than many other softwares. I think learning to use sends effectively will/should necessarily involve learning this. I often use multiple sends at different points in my chain. Perhaps a better option might be to enable the user to link the send amount to the fader using a toggle button on the send device?
…I love you, Renoise! :rolleyes:

That is frankly a request to remove the post fader, simply because that defeats the purpose of the post fader.

no it’s not :) plz have a look at ardour’s mixer or any analogue mixer where you have an option to send stuff to send/aux pre or post fader
imo that’s how it should be done
the most annoying thing in renoise’s mixer is that sends just don’t work as they should. you have to put gainer on all tracks which are send to sends to be able to control it’s volume and you have to adjust track’s volume and send amount separately. that’s a pain in the ass to be honest
when i turn the volume down i want it to be turned down not only in the main mix but also in my reverb, delay whatever send/aux

in renoise channel strip looks like this:

  1. pre volume fader
  2. fx slots (inserts or sends)
  3. post volume fader

in a “standard” mixer it is:

  1. gain (renoise’s pre volume fader)
  2. fx slots (inserts)
  3. volume fader (renoise’s post volume fader)
  4. sends

in ardour it is:

  1. gain
  2. fx slots (inserts or sends)
  3. volume fader
  4. fx slots (inserts or sends)

ardour’s way is most flexible - it gives you a total control over a channel strip

or maybe i just don’t get something right ;)

If you want to do that during a track you have to use a Gainer anyway as you can’t automate the Post Gain. Get used to using Gainer devices. Way Post Gain is very strange in Renoise but it’s not like it doesn’t provide you with far more than powerful enough tools to work around it.

Personally I think my idea of a button to have you select any Gainer fader be used as the fader at the bottom of the mixer, so you have Pre, Post and User, would still be a very good addition and would help a little with people who are complaining about the structure of the channels…

yea, but it’s still a work around… why we just can’t have additional fx slots after the last fader?

Because the Devs have said they are not going to do that, and as you can’t automate the Post Fader anyway this is a far more powerful solution. Strange enough you can automate Pre, which you would never touch once setting on a real desk, but can’t automate Post, which is constantly adjusted, but there is no point in arguing with the developers especially when we already have far more than enough tools to work around it!!!

A gainer is a fader as well, though i can understand you desire a vertical version of it.
Well… perhaps an external mixer device can be scripted as a tool (well for sure it can be done, it isn’t done yet)… that scans all tracks for gainer DSP’s and then simply creates a row of faders for the pre, gainers and post device.

i’m not arguing… just writing my ideas about the mixer
i’m doing pretty well with the gainer device… but if there is “ideas & suggestions” forum why the hell i can’t post my ideas & suggestions? especially in case i’m not the one who started the thread ;)

desire is a bit to much of a word ;) but it would be nice to actually use those post faders… now, in majority of my tracks they are useless

this seems to be a solution… gotta wait for someone who knows lua to do that :P

Anyone can, but you are just a fun guy to bash against :P

screw you hippies :P

BTW one more idea… how about linking post fader with send amount? that will do the trick

Sorry didn’t mean to be harsh it’s just that there’s been three or four of these threads in the fairly recent history so it’s just going over the same ground yet again. Although, to give you credit, you have bumped probably the most active one, rather than starting yet another one so kudos for that ;) (So many people just don’t seem to be able to understand the purpose of a Search function on forums.)

I do agree that it would be nice to have Sends after the Post Fader and feel even more strongly that the Post Fader should be automatable but both these have come up numerous times so I feel assured that the Devs have given them proper consideration (although guess the occasional gentle prod in the direction again doesn’t hurt.)

I actually did a search before starting this topic, and the most recent topic about this that I could find was this one. It is more than a year old, and got no replies, so I thought I’d start a new one. I know there are topics about post-fader sends, but I think the topic is broader than that.

Or maybe I just suck at searching. ;)