Position On Track Expanders Arrows

Here’s something I’ve thought about: I would like that the arrows when expanding and contracting the tracks, should keep their position. As it works now - the -> arrow (1) will switch place with <- (2) resulting in that doubleclicking will first expand, then contract the track.

In other words, I would like a “dummy”-space for the <- arrow when the track just consists of 1 ‘lane’.

yes, that doubleclicking happens many times before so:


for this one

Yeah thats caught me out a few times too. +1

Nice idea, I’ve experienced the same problem. In the current form it’s impossible to open more than 1 extra column instantly just by clicking, you have to move the mouse pointer.

Yeah I had a frustrating 20 minutes with my mate via AIM trying to suss out what he was encountering when he said he couldn’t expand the track to input chords.

He is a total cretin and should have figured it out, but it would be a nice little addition (seeing as we are not going to get colour coding yet)


+1 - gets me too!

[ctrl]+[shift] + [->] or [<-] for me. never looked/clicked on these arrows.