Positiv Ppl

A light Minimal Techno track I completed today. I started working on it about 530am after waking early and wrote most of it quickly in one sitting. I’m definitely too lazy to keep up with all of the automation of the modern Minimal Techno sound.
I had to use a compressed Normalize feature on the final recording in Sound Forge. All of my recordings are such low volume, nothing seems to work to make them louder without distortion. It’s still quiet, you might have to turn your volume up.

I hope you enjoy!~


Can’t think of anything to make it louder other than tasteful compression and a good limiter.
Loving it anyway, the work is great.

Really nice track, great arrangement. There is not one dull moment in that track.
To make it louder maybe use some loudness vst’s or try to have a louder input when recording. Mostly the source which should be recorded is to silent.
The final recording could maybe be boosted with a db Improvment in an audio tool like e.g. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

Hey, thanks a lot! Yes, I need to use compression more often. I usually put it the final recorded WAV in Sound Forge than in Renoise itself. I need to start using it on the Renoise master and sample tracks too.

Thank you, I am glad you liked it! I have searched for VST to help with loudness, I will try several. My source recording is also quiet, I will remember next time I record from Buzz to increase the volume. That is probably the main problem.

Thank you both for the tips!