Possible? Different Tempo Or Pattern Length On Each Track?


Althought I have been using conventional sequencers for long, I have no experience with trackers and I wonder if Renoise could be the software I am looking for. I want to create complex polyrythmic/polymetric pieces therefore I need a software able to provide a different number of steps on each track and/or able to provide a different tempo on each track. Is it possible with Renoise or should I look for another software?

Thank you in advance.

No, tracks with varying lengths or tempo are not possible ATM :(

But possible workarounds involve the free Phrazor plugin (a phrase sequencer) or EnergyXT (modular host plugin). Both work fine within Renoise.
Also, there’s an ongoing discussion about how the concept of “clips” will be supported in Renoise. It’s definitely going to become a built-in feature.

Unforetunately, it is not possible with Renoise.
As far as I know, there is no sequencer which supports your wish perfectly.
Maybe you can do such approach with Ableton Live, though I’m not sure…

im struggling to see why it’s needed, i write a lot of stuff with polyrhythms myself and come into no problems, the only way i could see it being of any use is for live performance…

no use for me too, and I’m teh polyrhytmic guy :)

Hmmm…I’d also like to correct my above statement:

If the purpose is to create and modify loops in realtime, it can be done using delays.
Simply record the duration of the loop into a delay with a fully wet signal, and feedback of 100%, and use automation to set the beginning and end points.

The delay will not handle more than 32 beats, but since the overall tempo can be lowered, very long “loops” are possible.

OK, how do you achieve, say, 7 against 16? Or 13 against 15?

please tell,please tell

with the note delay command (0Dxx or Dx on volume/panning column) you can delay the playing of a note of x ticks. this will allow you to place a note “wherever” you want.

unusual polyrhythmics such as 7-16 require that you write sections in a completely separate process. one idea is to use the “view patterns continuously” option, so that you can visualize more than one pattern at a time, or use patterns of 7*16 lines, otherwise, you have to take in count the possibility that one of those sections do not end at the end of the pattern, which is not a tragedy, after all.

if the two sections also have to be played at different and not-multiple BPM’s… well… then you would need the feature this thread is about, or you would need to sample one section and put it as a sample into another.

on a side note: is there any example of such a polyrhythm you can show me? I would really listen to it. Also, do you know of any sequencer which is able to do this?

im still new i havent even started using the effect commands yet

Those are the most fun and simple to use! :D

Just think of what kind of effect you need and look up how you do it here
You cant be a bigger n00b than I am atm :P

ive finally found out how to use the effect commands,it IS fun,its certainly a different experience then working in a conventional sequencer,i like it sofar

but it will take some time before i can make a proper track completely in renoise,but im getting there :yeah: