Possible To Create Octamed Importers?

I don’t know scripting nor coding.

But is it possible to create a script so that Renoise can import all kinds of old Amiga/PC Modules like OctaMED etc?
I know renoise can still load MOD files. but thats about it i think?

As you don’t know scripting or coding, I have to point out that you are posting in the wrong thread.

This is an API wishlist thread, not a feature request thread. I’m guessing you don’t know the difference? No big deal, but not helpful to the thread.

Yes, scripting would allow for someone to build all kinds of import stuff. That said, this could have been done before because the renoise format is XML. No one ever did it, with or without the API, because it’s a lot of work. Kind of like asking ‘Can you build me a house? I want to live in one. Here’s some wood and bricks!’ The answer is yes the house can be built, but why would anyone do this? You’ll have to motivate someone, somehow, with a lot of cheerleading…

For the record, Renoise imports: MOD, XM, and NTK.

Split from “The Api Wishlist Thread” into a new thread…

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