Possible to duplicate midi clock in tool?


I had a thought about a potentially useful tool. There has been discussion in the past about sending multiple midi clocks to different ports.

Would it be possible to knock up a tool that would enable this? Are there implications for realtime midi messages missing timestamps or being subject to jitter/odd latencies. I know the realtime thread (audio) is not accessible at this point.


Renoise API can’t access the MIDI sync being sent, so you’d need to route it back into Renoise (via some virtual MIDI cable) and then process/duplicate it.

Which is entirely possible already, e.g. with xRules. But nothing that couldn’t also be done with an external MIDI utility.

Ah I see, currently I’m already doing that with Bidule, but it would be nicer to do that in the box. Re-routing it back in seems overkill if there are tools to do this externally. I’ve just found that it’s not possible to pre-delay the midi clock quite enough to achieve ‘perfect’ sync.