Possible to send single instrument to multiple vst plugins for layerin


I’ve been using Renoise already for several years, but just lately found my way to the forums.

I dare not to post this as feature request, so maybe better just ask if there’s possible to assign multiple plugins for single instrument for layering… with samples it’s possible, but how about with VSTi ?

That would be just a convenience not to duplicate (hence when you edit you need constantly copy&paste) tracks with same notes on them = much cleaner display since way less tracks :slight_smile:


Yes this is possible. Via Midi routing and the thru port (or virtual “loopbacks”).

On my system I can just let one blank instrument send to my midi thru port. Like some virtual instrument. And then let multiple other instruments receive from the thru port, they will all play in unison when the first virtual instrument is sounding. This is on linux - I don’t know, but for windows or mac there should be a solution, too. Downside is you can only have 16 instrument groups per midi thru port, as each group will need to use its own distinct channel.

Edit: http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/MIDI