Post a track you made Renoise in 2021!

Great to hear some Renoise 2021 tunes! Made a lot of tracks and half-tracks this year but had the most fun playing around on this one and seeing where it would take me.

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those are some lovely tracks fellow renoisers <3

i’ve been working on a number of tracks the past couple of months, here are a couple of them:


for 2021 i composed 6 tracks but my prefer is last.

Atreides Death is inspired by movie film Dune.
Mix between Epic/Classic and electronic sounds. I am proud of its atmosphere, the melody on the piano and my chords with the choirs

I find that the intro is less good unfortunately

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That’s what I also thought at the beginning when I was creating the song. :slightly_smiling_face:
But I didn’t want to get a wide snare, I wanted to keep it short, a maximum length of one beat. But you’re right, in the last third of one beat the reverb could be a tad stronger.

Good tunes, good vibes, but midi error wanted you to post only one song. :wink:
I can’t tell which one is better, both are very good.

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VERY cool man, proper essence of early days of DnB. I really like it.

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Thanks a bunch! I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

Hardcore in 2021! Awesome!