Post Fader Dsp Chain

Hey, I had this idea.

Most DAW’s have Pre and Post fader effect chains. So the layout is like this: [DSP] -> [Fader] -> [DSP]

While on Renoise, we have two faders instead of one and only one DSP chain: [Pre fader] -> [DSP] -> [Post fader]

The biggest problem is with #send devices. When adding one send device to the chain with passthrough disabled, it renders the Post fader useless. Many of us use lots of send devices so we are stuck with mixing through those small send devices in the chains, and the sliders are totally useless for us. Also, when adding send to the channel, it ignores the current panning and volume settings so you have to reset them again in send device or even add gainer devices to make everything work.

So how do we solve that?

One idea is to add Post Fader device chain:

[Pre fader] -> [DSP] -> [Post fader] -> [Post DSP]

This way when adding send device to post DSP chain we still have the use for our mixer. Yay!

Any better ideas?

get rid of pre- and post faders completely, make the gainer slim and sexy like them (vertical sliders, yes, even for panning), give it a “DC filter” checkbox, stick one on each track by default… and make it so you can’t delete the last remaining one, because -> you could then allow one “volume/pan” device (I think “gainer” is a misnomer) per track to be the one that is controlled via the mixer.

If that sounds just shitty you’re not visualizing it properly :lol:

I suggested moveable post fader some time ago, so we could use the mixer sliders in the mixer view before sending the signal to send tracks. Well, now I use gainer before sending the signal and just humbly use the gainer sliders in the mixer view.