Post Volume always visible?

GUI wise, I would really appreciate if there was an option under the GUI Prefs maybe, that makes the scrollbar under Track DSPs to be a little shorter, or well I mean it only scrolls the Pre-Fader/Mixer device and all other devices, but the PostMixer remains always at the far right of the screen. It might be weird getting used to it since it is applied only after all the fx, but yeah, all that is rubbish anyways when you think about it, routings aren’t visualized either and in the mixer it’s basically the same (if you have many fx they will continue “behind” the channel fader).
I’m just saying this because I working on a workstation with borrowed lcd monitor 1280x1024, so non-widescreen, and this is just one of those things I can imagine would improve my workflow a lot. Also on bigger resolutions though, cause I have a tendency to go over 10 devices per track with a quickness.

It would help if we could minimize the pre-mixer, and maybe the post-mixer too, and gain that much screen real-estate. Also using 1280x1024 here, but on a good ol CRT (and occasionally 1024x768 on my old laptop) :rolleyes:

That’s crazy. I had a 2048x1536 CRT before, now when I open songs from back then (pre track folding) I’m like how tf did I manage?

haha… well hey, conventional TV is between 200 and 250 scanlines, and our parents & grandparents never complained :D

They sure sufficed to make music with Mario Paint

HD now is the convention, so the conventional number of lines is 1080. But let’s forget the fact than convention is clearly not what you meant and have a look at TV systems of recent (and not-so-recent) years.

Going back to before HD and you are still talking 576 for most countries, or 483 for the USA. But watching moving pictures you don’t need the detail in the same way as you do when working on something text-centric.

The old, monochrome system used by the BBC as the first ever regular broadcasting system (rather than just testing) was 377 lines. This ran right up into the 1980s and started before WWII.

So where are these 200-250 active line systems you speak of?

I too use 1280x1024 at the moment, on dual monitors. and since dualscreen is not supported in renoise at the moment,
I say +1 to this feature easily :)

And - hiding post-faders in a track is also useful for tidyness when you use a Send set on mute. Then you really don’t need to see those dead things.


Didn’t think of that, but very right… I’m still looking for a nice way to have the faders in mixer view also control the last send device amount if that’s on “Mute Source”… +1

@all offtopic bullshit: even if TV’s ever were so low-res… Renoise is not the same as watching TV. If I download a episode of Suits I don’t give a crap if it’s the 700MB or the 250MB version. When I compose tracks I do see a lot of difference in having a 1280x1024 (5:4) screen or a 2012 Full HD screen.

I think that a more general way to “anchor” DSP chain items would be even better.

the “anchorage” would work in a way that, if an “anchored” chain item is on the left of the currently visible items, it will be shown at the foremost left side of the chain, and viceversa for the right.

of course, if more than one item is anchored, they will be stacked respecting their natural order.

anchored items should still be collapsible and edited as any other item.

And the remaining fx can be seen like a folded deck of cards behind the anchored ones, sth like that?

yes, exactly. it is just like your idea about post volume, but expanded to any DSP and on both left and right side

Maybe this “anchoring” can be simply indicated by color-coding, especially when the program can auto-detect when effects before/after a certain one will have no effect (like for example send to track) … then add an option to auto-minimize them in these cases?

anyway, i still say it would be nice if we could minimize the pre/post mixers.

Like a better version of minimizing, just marking the devices you always want to be maxed / fully visible. Awesome idea.