Post Your Gigs And Lets Try To Meet!

we can make a deal in the renoise family: When one renoise user has a gig somewhere, you can ask him to be on the party’s guestlist and have a drink with him :) (only for registred users lol)
So renoise artists!! post your gigs there!!

my next gigs

10.17.08 live @ Havlickuv Brod - cz
10.24.08 live @ kartel 17 club - Plzen - cz
10.25.08 live@matrix klub - Prague - CZ
10.30.08 live in Torino - it
11.01.08 halloween live - Dublin - ireland
11.07.08 live@ Faval klub - brno - cz
11.08.08 KD Vltava - Ceske Budejovice - CZ
11.15.08 Club Tunnel - Milano - it
11.21.08 La Cova - Barcelona - es
11.22.08 live @ radioactive zone - montpellier - fr
11.28.08 Live@Alpheus - Roma - it
12.05.08 live @ BEKULT Docs des Suds - marseille - fr
12.12.08 live@graz phono records party - austria
12.13.08 Bass Island Winter Hypnosis - austria
12.19.08 Xmassacre - Prague - cz
12.20.08 Live@Madrid with Guigoo - es
12.22.08 live @ merida - venezuela
12.27.08 live @ barquismeto - venezuela (tbc)
12.31.08 Live @ Roma - it
1.16.09 Decibel Events @ Underground Park - prato - it
1.22.09 live @ shanghai - china
1.24.09 live @ hong kong - china
2.06.09 Dual - sala campus - Barcelona - es
2.07.09 Sandy Warez birthday!!! - belgium
3.06.09 Colocon Circus party @ Alpheus (tbc) - it


17.10.2008 - Keila, Estonia
24.10.2008 - Haapsalu, Estonia
01.10.2008 - Tartu, Estonia
28.11.2008 - Riga, Latvia

With my metal band. :) If anyone cares I can give exact times and places aswell. :)

nice giglist mat-weasel!! too bad you’re not coming to holland

don’t have anything upcoming, I’m taking it easy for a while to
produce some new stuff and hopefully be back on the road again
somewhere next year.

good luck and have fun playing dudes!

I want to have gigs aswell! :(

Void: with your skills and all the good stuff you’ve made (at least what i’ve heard) you shouldn’t have any problems getting gigs!! :)
or is something stopping you…?

Hmm. No money for turntables/live equipment!

If anyone wants to sponsor me I can give you my bank account number! :lol:

Press play on tape, jump around on stage like insane - voila, you’re playing live (according to nowadays standards)

Giev tape player.

Are you stupid or just playing stupid? :D First, send out your live promos. Second if some venue, club manager, tour manager calls you, name the price of the equipment you need, and you got it. This is how the stuff is done. :)

Sending live demo does not work in electronic music… you have to release bunch of records and make good connections, doing a lot of communication, you ll get your firsts gigs by the labels who ll release you then by dj’s who play your sound and finally when you ll be a bit famous, by clubs and festivals promoters who take care only about your ability to bring people in their events.

Yeah, depends. Connections matter ofcourse, but I have series of events coming next year, and I don’t have any label nor really intentions signing under one for now. I just have few friends who have sent the crap around. :)

Depends on what you do though. I don’t have such a fancy list to post up as you. :D I am playing mostly in underground clubs.

Ah, for making things clear, the Metal project is not my main project. I am just currently busy with it and don’t do stuff with my electronic project. :)

My next gig:

31st Oct Armidale Club, NSW, Australia.

See You There EH.

OMFG!! i would love to come to australia one day!! i heard that people there are really hard in electronic sounds (speedcore and breakcore scene are really huge there!!) that 's a bit frightening :D

I think all of us, including our Nana, listen to GABBAkore only.

I heared the exact opposite… electronic music has a hard time Down Under…
But then again, many peculiar legends surround the Lands of the Roo.

Void Pointer: the first thing you should do is attend gigs. There’s lots of stuff happening always in Holland.
Meet some folk, swap some music, or better yet: set something up yourself, invite the local producers/dj’s
who organize themselves and whore your way up the ladder. “Brutale mensen hebben de halve wereld.” ;)
Although I don’t like the whole it’s-who-you-know-not-what-you-can-do-networking-thing, that’s how it works.

I’ve set up a few parties in the past, in Zoetermeer and Rotterdam, but considering my curious taste in
music, I don’t think they trust me with a room anymore. Nonetheless, if something happens I’d love to invite
you 'cause hey, your music should be out there!

2008-12-19 Twister Dance Sande (Hardstyle and Hardcore)

More info:…-oder-so/8/1107

Pretty much, but hey, getting to know the guys who know guys is no problem if your music is good. Setting up gigs is not much either. Even I know plenty of artists from netherlands, some of them would come around for transportation/food/beer money and do a nice gig. Look them up, post flyers around and there you have it. Even if you don’t perform there yourself, you are instantly better known and have few good contacts.

First gigs you are probably going to be a filler for the Real Artists – those guys who the people come for. Only your friends, some music freaks and people who don’t have much else better to do will pay a closer attention to you. But if people dance and you get them excited enough you are likely to be called as a filler on other parties aswell if you get along with the main artists. Few gigs later you have your own name and can actually start looking your own fillers. ;)

Also people I know tend to tell me: Don’t go too experimental with first gigs. Try to be the best you can and make easily enjoyable music with JUST a little of your own twist to make it memorable. Going hard with unfamiliar music wouldn’t work very well, people need to know your stuff and get used to it at first before they can enjoy it to full extent.

Actually, you might want to attract the attention by doing it differently.
Don’t be afraid to show yourself, how experimental or mainstream it may be.
But it depends on what you’re up there for: to please the crowd with what
they want or give yourself the opportunity to let YOU be heared, how experimental
or mainstream it may be.

Besides, it’s not like the same crowd shows up at every gig. You’d be ‘preparing’
the crowd for years for ‘things to come’. But first things first: a gig! And in the end
there is no real right way to get 'em.

2008-10-25: [Hardware set] Styrax Showcase at Eat This Festival/Dubstep A Gogo: Dub - Theater Kikker, Utrecht (NL)
2008-11-15: [Hardware set] Langweiligkeit Festival - Paard Van Troje, Den Haag (NL)
2008-11-22: [DJ set] Reverberate - Kultuurhuis Bosch, Arnhem (NL)

Point is… If you get negative reaction from crowd, the organizers/artists may not invite you to next gig. If crowd digs your stuff, then they are very likely to invite you back. Doing stuff you know will work is always safer bet than doing something crowd has never heard before and might have negative reaction on.

But when doing pure improvised live set, you can always experiment and see what the crowd likes to get them moving. Don’t bet on that on your first time though, if little experience and nerves are up, you are likely to miss. It’s safer to do something that you know you can and you know will work.