Post Your LPB Proof Of Concepts Here.

I made this for a user in IRC.

It’s a 170 BPM drum & bass beat at LPB8 and at LPB1, showing the use of delay columns to get the same result without having to “scroll shit fast”

If you have cool newbie stuff to share, post it in here too!

This shows the usage of LPB very well! Nice one.

Before the release of beta 2.0 I was working on a flamenco piece to see how much I can make it sound live and real in renoise.

Here’s a part of that project, a flamenco piece in Minera performed by 5 stroke tremolo technique, upgraded to new speed concepts of Renoise 2.0. Now with humanizing the new delay column, along with 09xx and a very slight groove, I achieved very interesting results in virtualizing a flamenco guitar:


Very cool.

excellent one Ashy!

I see you are using 09xx wisely, where did you learnt this trick? ;)

with multilayered samples, this would simply great!

something I’m not convinced about is the constant switch between F104 and F105: probably it would be better to use the delay column to add a delay of about 1/5 of a row while always keeping LPB = 5; this would give more flexibility to the humanization and be more consistent with the meaning of LPB, but of course it’s almost just a matter of style; in 1.91, I would surely have used exactly the same trick you did.

anyway, work a bit more on this and I’m sure this can be proposed as a cool demosong!

EDIT: oh, another thing: I think that adding some BPM changes (lowering it a bit on the last two rows of each beat) would give more human feeling, more “interpretation”:

00 F079  
01 ----   
02 ----  
03 F077 <== vary this value a bit on each beat  
04 F074 <== vary this value a bit on each beat  

I’m not a guitarist, but had a try with this:
try adding a 0102 on the tremolo rows, and see if they are even more convincing

Thanks dear It-Alien for such a descriptive reply. :)

A fairy whispered it to my ear while I was asleep! :D

Thanks for the tip, but that’s not what I want. This tremolo is actually in 3/4, and when performed by a flamenco guitarist, usually there’s a slight gap at the end of the third beat of each bar, to emphasize the 3/4 time. Using delay column only delays the triggering of the first note of the first beat, and leaves the last beat length intact, thus not what I desire.

This is excellent Itty, really enhanced the live feel! Thanks! :yeah:

you mean like this? :

``` I did it, not pleasant to my ears though. It gives the feel of an out of tune guitar. Or maybe I've misunderstood something? ![:unsure:](

tip 1:

ok, I see what you mean

tip 3:

hmm ok so forget it, I was in doubt about it and it seems like it does not do the trick

Here’s Minera Tremolo with It-Alien’s second tip applied: download

Thanks again Itty. :)

EDIT: Crud, I read LBP in my first response… DELETED

I work at TPL 12. I don’t plan on changing it.

As for LBP, i work at LBP 8 or 4. The LBP 1 example is just to show the new delay column and how resolution is no longer tied to pattern speed. As for density (expressive high hats for example), that’s another story.

My bad.