Post Your Renoise + Midi Sequencing Workflows

I believe this is the forum most suitable to discuss this topic.

I’m interested in hearing how other people use Renoise and midi gear.

I’ve been using Renoise to play my MC-505. I built Midi-CC metadevice templates to access every parameter available to tweak (that aren’t sysex).

I’ve mainly been using automations to tweak the sounds. I’ve been able to coax some neat sounds out of the 505 by using Renoise.

I’d like to further learn how to turn Renoise into the best Midi sequencer. I have a bunch of other gear that are a pain to program but have awesome sound capabilities.

I’ve been thinking about somehow connection Pure Data to Renoise and using Pure Data to send sysex commands to the gear.

Has everyone sold their hardware and bought VSTs instead? :P

I used to be real tempted to get hardware in the past, but it seems like an extra hassle these days, I would like to get a SID Station though.

The only midi gear I have is a keyboard, I use it occasionally to come up with a nice chord progression. I suck at playing the piano though, so that’s pretty much all I get out of it. Maybe, someday I’ll grab me a midi guitar. Then the thrashin’ will come. I’d love to have VST sounds coming out of my geetar :)

i still need to figure out how i get the best use of my yamaha rm1x in renoise

well i’ ve got a nord modular and a yamaha sampler …but they are rarely used these days …Cause I can get so much done in renoise with samples ( and a bunch of vst’s )
But I would like a yamaha fs1r :) ( rare digital formant ubersynth )