Post Your Songs From 1997! 2007 Is Almost Over...

I had a funny idea. Ok, well perhaps it’s not so funny, but it might be if your music from 1997 was anything like mine (pray that’s not the case).

I took the sample from the beginning from the vampire movie “Dusk 'till Dawn” and fabricated a gabber/breakcore song back in 1997.

Lets hear some others who can send a song they made back in 1997. Lets do it before the new years.

I hope everyone has a great new years.


trepain - She’s Dead 1997.mp3

Something else… Remember stomper? You’ll definitely recognize the bass in it then and the middle when it drops out using that high pitched crazyness.

trepain - cosi 1997.mp3

Try Me - Drum 'n Bass/Techstep ?

hehe, great idea …

I found some old xms, a 32k-xm I made for a compo back then and an old mp3 file. Those might not necessary be from 1997, but somewhere around that timeframe. (xms) (that 32k-track that is actually pretty good) (an old hiphop/breaks track, I remember spending days digging on my tapes and samples bits and pieces together)

also from that time, but not as obscure as those tracks above :…are_in_blue.mp3…king_worlds.mp3 (the original for those who know the remix)

But I have to say that alot of stuff from that time is lost and gone because I had two major harddrive/system crashes in 1996 and 2001.

Oh I have had that happen. I used to try my best to use GVP’s quarterback backup system on my Amiga in the early 90s. It was such a joyous occasion backing all of my songs and samples onto 3.5 inch 880k floppies :takes a deep breath!:

I remember working on this certain song that I thought was so incredible. One of those songs you create very quickly as if being guided to create and it was different, yada yada you know the rest.

So one night I thought that while partying I would defragment my hard drive using the program B.A.D.

BAD idea is more like it. I had this ancient seagate scsi drive that was 80 megs and a whopping (brace yourself) 80 kilobytes a second read speed. It used to take my Amiga 2000 approximately 18 hours to defragment my entire hard drive.

Anyways, enough with the history. I was out probably sucking down some of my favorite 32 ounce malt beverage when my dad opened my bedroom door and noticed “Hey Rob’s computer is on!”.

My computer was on a switched receptacle that you would normally plug your bedroom lamp into. With the quick flip of his finger I lost some of my latest and greatest (at the time) songs and I nearly shit my pants when I found out he shut the lightswitch off!!!

Do I sound bitter?

If you don’t have something 10 years old, then post your oldest.

Your first work would be GREAT!!!

One day in 2000/2001 my 3 year old daughter went into my studio while exploring the world, she discovered my PC, pulled at some cables and managed to pull it off the desk while it was running. All HDD’s were completely broken, everything I had not backupped or uploaded somewhere on the net was lost.
And I was actually not mad at her at all but rather happy she did not hurt herself, and since then I just declared my area filled with electronics as off-limit and don’t have anyone (adult or non-adult) come near.

the 96 crash was because of a power-failure which (ofcourse) happened while the HDD was writing something. Back then all this stuff was incredibly delicate and I guess the write-head just popped on one of the discs and all was lost.

From one of the fewer existing mirrors…/v/…/v/…1997/

I have even older (1993 / 1994)…

I was but a young teenager 10 years ago; although - if I can find the recordings somewhere - i was involved in a 12 piece choir that performed at the sydney opera house… hmm thats probably my greatest achievement… talk about peaking early :P
I used to be able to hit the high soprano notes hehe… ah how things change

OK, I’m game, here’s two originals:

and two remixes: (NIN - The Perfect Drug) (Fear Factory - Hunter Killer)

These were done on Protracker on the Amiga, so for those who don’t know: they’re only using 4 channels at once, less than 880kb of samples (no VSTs or sound modules) and it’s in 8-bit.

Already posted them but here again :)

Awesome thread though this is going to end embarassing for me :)

One file from 1996 (house?).

One file from 1997 (HappyHardcore, an XM remake of “Go Get Busy” by DJ Delirium & DJ Buzz Fuzz).

One file from 1999 (Melodic Trance/Rave).

Please excuse any selfish comments I had made in the files back then. I was…young…and stupid… :)

That’s 11 years! May I belong to the justfied and ancients of mumu now?

edit: It’s HappyHardcore, not Hardcore. And I missed the topic about 1997 but you wouldn’t want to hear all my bad stuff from 97.

Because in those times, smoking was bad, especially in france ;) (and we were teenagers)

At least we didn’t spray these things on walls :)

kaneel, you haven’t been glitchy at all back then?
vvoois, I like the intro of ‘bleeding sun’ very much.
looza, intermezzo was fun :)

intermezzo is based on a romanian folkband that I actually had to pitch down to make this track … they play with like 206bpm originally.

DAMN vV post your early 90’s stuff! :) TULPJES.IT and BLEEDSUN.IT were particularly good.

Man I barely began tracking by '93. It’ll be interesting to hear what an old vet had up his sleeve at the time I was still working out what Cxx did and why there was no E# ^_~

here is my stuff from 2002 - anything before that was made in a band and is too good to share here

as the text says these were made on music2000 on a shit old playstation - i’m proud of the f****ers tho - jungle on

Nobody should ever be subjected to my ‘teenager techno’ it’s pretty awful :P

Ever tried you record this stuff from Bleem or PCSX ( ) (Psone emulator on PC)? (well it’s old you probably hadnt had that stuff back then)
Then you don’t need to record this from your tv :)

Not everything was good, you can try the deceased ambition pack somewhere up this list:…Vincent%20Voois

But most stuff can also be found in mp3 form on my own site. Granted on the above list you have the original modules to inspect and analyze. But the mp3’s on my website are compiled as they suppose to sound. My modules are not designed to be played in any external player as only the editor plays them correctly (lots of exploits used that lots of players forgot to implement).

here’s my first complete song made with modplug back in 2001. some hardcore stuff ^^ bumbumbum

cheers for the link - i my well try that - good as renoise is some things are just better made with a gamepad!

Cool, I’ll get some stuff up from 1997 soon…