Potential bug with the signal follower?

Uhm why can’t I use the signal follower on tracks to the left of it?

…just kidding. That one seems to get asked in here a lot.

No, my problem is this–it doesn’t seem to work with the mixer. Here’s what happening, and I’ll try not to make this confusing.

I have what we’ll call tracks “1” & “2”.

So I create a signal follower for track 1 and route it to track 2’s mixer, then volume.

Then I try to create a nice ducking effect by setting up the signal follower on track 1 to modulate track 2’s mixer’s volume.

I set the Dest. min to a value of 0.000dB and the Dest. max to -5.000dB.

aaand nothing happens.

I probably should mention that I just got a new laptop and on the last laptop doing the above worked as you’d expect. But on this new laptop with the same version of Renoise on it it doesn’t seem to work. The dotted yellow/white line appears around the track being modulated by the signal follower, but it’s having no effect and the slider on track 2’s mixer isn’t bouncing up and down the way it should be.

Any thoughts?

Carefully check all the parameters of the signal follower. Start with max -inf. Also check, if an audio signal reaches the sf, maybe you routed the generator elsewhere or the vsti is playing on multiple tracks? Is the indicator moving?

Well, strangely when I pull up the track DSP settings the “volume” slider there is moving as it should but the slider on the mixer itself doesn’t move.

So it would seem the signal follower is working as it should, but the mixer slider isn’t responding the way it should…

The track pre mixer, which can be automated, is different from the track post mixer. The post mixer sadly cannot be automated. In the mixer view click in the upper right corner, and set the mixer from post to pre. This will set the main mixer controls in the mixer view to control and reflect the track’s pre mixer, instead of the post volume. Now you should see the track mixer move in accord to the automation. Downside is, the automated volume will be “pre” i.e. applied before all DSP Effects on that track. I don’t think there is a way to do the other way round other than using sends or gainers.

I recommend using a gainer instead of automating the pre-mixer, as you may want to change it’s settings later.

If you want a typical ducking effect there is another option that imo is much better for that purpose:

Thanks for the input guys.

I’m starting to think there’s just something wrong with my laptop in general–I just found out yesterday that it doesn’t even burn cds properly, and there are noticable volume dips and jumps in other programs. I’m just going to return it and get a new one since I just got it 2 weeks ago.

I’ll re-install renoise on my new laptop and let you guys know if that’s what the problem was.