Potential New User - Os X And Stability Question

Hello everyone,

I’m considering getting (back) into making music and with the current Renoise 2.0 launch promo, I’m thinking of trying it out and buying a license.

Can you please tell me - how stable is Renoise, especially the 2.0 version? I tend to use the heck out of my software and pretty much can’t accept something with “an occasional crash” built in.

Also, how good is the Mac version? I know some software makers consider it a secondary platform and not support as well as the Windows versions of their stuff. How is it with Renoise? Any features missing or limited on the Mac?

Thanks a lot,
– Lukasz

Why dont you download and try? Or is Mac-version somehow crippled ?

I am downloading and will of course try by myself.
However, by the time the promo ends, I will barely scratch the surface.
So I’d like to hear opinions of more experienced users.

Is the Mac version crippled - that’s what I’d like to know also.

– Lukasz

No, it aint. Oh, and the promo don’t end, too! :)

It’s stable.

Crashes happen, but are usually the fault of plug-ins. Make sure your plug-ins are as solid as Renoise and all will be fine.

OS X version has been around for years, it’s not a secondary platform. This 2.0 release features AudioUnits support, showcasing a focus and commitment to the mac platform.

Download the demo, and see for yourself.

the promo ends on Jan 25th.

I am part of the team, so I am biased, but I can state that Renoise is rock solid. The problems which can emerge are 99.99999% due to bad behaviour of some bad-coded VST plugins, but this is very unlikely to cause a complete application crash: most often, a kind warning appears and you should normally be able to go on or at least to safely save the song and reload.

also, the software is constantly improved and carefully tested (2.0 took 4 months of public testing, plus endless months of privat etesting), and you will get the updates for free until 3.0 if you buy now.

if any bug emerges, users normally report to the bug forum and usually a fix is found.
take a look to the bugs section of the forum to have an idea of the process, but keep in mind that you will find a lot of recent bug reports (most of them labeled asa “[fixed]”) because we have just ended beta testing.

Oh, sorry! Miss Understood!

I use Renoise on Linux & Windows platforms and on both of them it’s rock solid. I haven’t managed to crash it yet (although some people say that they have). Also I have used it a lot on stage with many different projects and I can surely say you can rely on it.

I´ve used Logic Express 7 and Renoise on OS X Tiger, and though it´s not often they crash, I would say they´re pretty equal. Plugins (especially homebrew/freeware) are in most cases (if not always) the cause of a crash.

But, I must say, I use OSX Tiger 10.4.9 now, and will do for as long as I can. I upgraded to 10.4.11, and both Logic and Renoise started to act funny, but that hasn´t got anything to do with Renoise. I reinstalled the OS and 10.4.9 works fine.

I use Renoise daily on a MacBook pro running OSX latest version and find it very stable. The only thing that ever crashes it ( occasionally ) is NI Kontakt, and I don’t think Renoise is the main culprit there. The devs take Mac support seriously. Just try the demo, and then buy it.

Renoise 2 running on a macbook pro - solid, true, stable.

The only crashes i get beacuse of 3rd party Pluggo plugins (they also crash Logic 8 which is a stable app too). And from old buggy versions of some plugs from PSP and d16 group.

I’m running 2.0 on osX intel macbook pro, and it’s stable as feck. I Havn’t got a single crash since i upgraded from 1.9.1 to 2.0… And I sit 5-6 hours a day, I got 23 days uptime without reboot (today) and Photoshop, Illustrator, Safari, logic 8 and a few other progs running 24/7…

You can’t go wrong with a mac :D

I run Cubase 4, Ableton 7, Reason 4, Numerology 2, and Renoise 2 on my macbook pro running Leopard. Renoise is the most stable of them all. I know sometimes your worry is relevant with certain software, but honestly dude when it comes to renoise that is not even something you have to consider. Whether or not you want to work with renoise is subjective, but you can bet your money that it will ALWAYS work for you.

You have the opportunity to register Renoise for a discount…
Your license allows you to download upgrades up to V3.0.

The Mac edition came with 1.5 i believe (somewhere in 2005). Those who registered Renoise 1.5, will have updates till 2.5
2009-2005 = 4 years.
so lets say generally say we release a subversion update a year and divide the discount amount across those years.
That’s less per month than you spend for a cheap item in the supermarket a day.

been running the demo (just got my registered version wot wot) on my g5 10.4 mac box at work and it has yet to crash. it runs ultra smooth…heck i liked it so much I got the reg. version so that should say it all.

I use Renoise daily on my macbook.
And it’s the only program on my mac that never crashed!!

Hey everyone, thanks for all the answers!
I might have missed the promo, but I will be definitely giving Renoise a try. And judging from the quality of it, I’ll most probably get a license anyway (a surprising new habit after switching to Mac).